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"I just generated a decent-looking website with a simple prompt. Web dev is going to change a whole lot, it’s crazy"

Experience the Future with Our AI Website Builder

Create everything from components to full-fledged pages in one place, all together and in real time—so you can see your ideas come to life as soon as they're on the screen.

Cloud Hosting. Own your components, websites, assets - all in the cloud.

AI Website Builder: Use the power of AI to generate pages, create designs and draft content.

Publish Anywhere. Publish on our platform or on your WordPress website or export it to Code!

Collect Form Data: We help you collect data from your forms - and receive email notifications on form submissions.

Analytics & Backups. Get real-time insights of what users are upto with Analytics.

Code Export. Don't want to host it on our platform? No worries, use the export code feature!

Host on us or on WordPress or Export to Code!

You can publish the project to your own domain, or publish in WordPress. We help you grow your business and remove all hassles involved with hosting a website.


"From just a sentence, I crafted a website that captivated me. It was a seamless and extraordinary experience"


Founder/CEO CookieYes

Don't like what you see? Regenerate with AI website creator

Bring life to your idea the way you want it. If you don't like what you see, you can regenerate a design any number of times until you find something perfect for you.


Use AI Magic to create your flawless marketing copy

Don't like the content or a particular heading? Want to make it more SEO friendly? You can use the AI Magic feature to turn your bland copy to something beautiful.

Customize and edit designs exactly the way you want it

You can use CodeDesign's no-code capabilities to build and design your site exactly the way you picture it in your mind. You will be amazed by the features we've got packed for you.

Unlock Responsive Design in Just Minutes!

We've got you covered with all responsive sizes, whether you're building for desktops, mobile phones, or tablets. All our designs are automatically responsive, and you can easily customize them specifically for mobile if you desire.

Our Customers Love AI Websites and Us!

CodeDesign helps you build your website and brand. Join thousands of our users who launched with CodeDesign.


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What Can be Built with CodeDesign ai?


Landing pages 

Need a landing page that grabs attention and drives action? CodeDesign's AI Website Builder crafts high-converting landing pages in no time.



Building a website from scratch seems daunting? CodeDesign makes the process super easy. Whether you need a blog, a business site, or an ecommerce store, our AI tool takes care of the techy stuff, so you can focus on sharing your vision with the world.


Sales funnels 

Create efficient sales funnels that turn browsers into buyers. CodeDesign's AI Website Builder simplifies the creation of sales funnels, guiding your visitors step-by-step through the buying process.



Showcase your work or skills with a beautifully designed portfolio website. With CodeDesign's AI Website Builder, creating a stunning portfolio is as easy as pie.

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